A different kind of exercise…

Pilates can address a broad range of physical challenges including postural problems and
weaknesses, health conditions including pregnancy, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Pilates can help you regain efficient patterns of motion — a great benefit to those recovering
from injury, professional athletes and performers, or anyone seeking good posture and optimal

Many exercise regimens emphasize the muscles that are already stronger and neglect those that
are weaker. Instead, Pilates emphasizes flowing movements requiring the use of multiple muscle
groups simultaneously, while using controlled breathing and concentration.

Develop a strong core

Increase Flexibility

Zero Impact on Joints

Improved Range of Motion

Build Lean Muscle

Excellent for rehab/injuries

Total Body Workout

Helps posture and alignment

Enhanced Mobility

Offers relief from back pain
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Welcome to Studio Hargett Pilates

What sets us apart from other studios in the area?  Our inviting, friendly
atmosphere and honest belief that pilates training should benefit
everyone, regardless of age, ability or even income.   We offer a variety
of group classes, from mat to equipment, private and semi-private
training, and corporate training either at our studio or your workplace.
As we have discovered over the past years, we can explain our programs
over the phone but there is nothing like looking at the equipment in
person, watching a class in session and getting an opportunity to really sit
down and get all of your questions answered. Make an appointment to
come see us at Studio Hargett!

Studio Hargett will be closed for the
Independence Holiday
Wed. 7/2 thru Sun. 7/7.

Have a safe & wonderful holiday!

Our Summer $2/child Babysitting will resume 7/8!!!
Studio Hargett Pilates
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Studio Hargett is located in the
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