extrinsic muscles. The inner muscles are your "core" musculature that stabilize and support your skeletal system while
moving. With this inner support, you can safely open the joints and strengthen the larger muscles without compromising
your spine and soft tissues resulting in a greater sense of strength from the inside out.

Can I really get results immediately?
    Yes. Most people do sense immediate changes from their very first session. You will likely feel taller, more lifted,
    lighter and more aware of your body.

Can Pilate help my posture?
    Our experienced trainers make the difference. They will keep an eye on your alignment and body position to
    assure that you effectively train your muscles to support your spine and joints while moving. You will find greater
    ease in carrying your torso, opening your shoulders and stabilizing your pelvis.

How can "core strength" and "good posture" help my bad knee or shoulder problem?
    Often, with an injury, we develop compensations and muscular imbalances elsewhere in our body that make it
    difficult to fully recover our strength and flexibility. Our training programs will help you develop new, improved
    movement patterns that support your recovery and prevent re-injury.

Will this make me lose weight?
    Pilates alone cannot make you lose weight. You need to add aerobic exercise and changes to your diet in order to
    lose weight. However, by simply improving your posture with proper training, you can look slimmer. You will gain
    tone and strength in your muscles to support your joints and help prevent injuries while you are doing aerobic
    exercise. You will also learn good movement mechanics that you can take with you to all forms of exercise and

I'm uncoordinated. Is this really for me?
    We teach in a system of simple, progressive movements, at a pace suited to you. This allows your body to find its
    own way of connecting the mind and body and experience a sense of natural flow. The strength, flexibility, balance
    and coordination you gain are beneficial to athletes and non- athletes alike.

Why don't I hear about as many people doing Pilates as Yoga?
    Yoga has been around for centuries and took a long time to become widely popular. Pilates ha s been around for
    decades and i s now b ecoming recognized as one of the finest forms of total body fitness . Many professional
    dancers and athletes in basketball, football and golf have known about the benefits for years. The training is so
    effective that it is recommended by physical therapists and paid for by some insurance companies.

Why not take the Pilates class at my gym?
    A Pilates instructor at a gym or health club is much less likely to have the advanced certification of someone who
    is teaching on the equipment. Plus, the classes are usually too large to get the individual attention you need to
    fully grasp the exercises and learn to move with strength and ease. However, Pilates Mat classes with a qualified
    instructor can be a great addition to your individual instruction and an affordable way to practice more frequently.
    All of our instructors are fully certified with advanced training and have years of experience working with many
    types of people.

Private Sessions are expensive. Is it really worth the money?
    Yes, private training in Pilates are long-lasting investments in yourself. You will be retraining your body to move
    more efficiently, with ease, and gaining the strength and flexibility you need as you get older. The body awareness
    and good habits you find in the studio will carry over into your daily activities and stay with you long after your

How many times a week should I do it?
    Pilates is distinctive from other exercise regimes in that you can do it every day and benefit greatly. In fact, the
    more you practice, the more you will notice your progress. This is especially true at the beginning. We recommend
    taking one to two c lasses a week, if possible.

What if I can't afford to come more than once a week?
    G roup sessions and mixing equipment classes with mat classes are a great way to save money and be able to
    practice more frequently.

What should I wear?
    Gym workout clothes or yoga clothing is most common. Comfortable pants or shorts that are not too baggy and a
    T- shirt or sports top would be fine. You will be in socks or bare feet, no shoes.

Will I feel sore afterwards?
    Since every Pilates exercise includes a stretch and a strength component, as well as a warm up and cool down,
    you will feel minimal soreness. Most people feel energized after their sessions.

Are the instructors trained to work with clients with injuries?
    Yes. Whether you have an ongoing condition or are in recovery, rest assured that you can still participate in these
    methods. Many times Pilates is recommended by physicians as an aid in the rehabilitation process. As long as you
    inform your instructors about your injuries, they will tailor and modify your sessions to your individual needs.

Will this enhance my performance in other sports?
    Absolutely. These methods, only recently becoming more and more mainstream, have been practiced by pro
    athletes, dancers, celebrities, and physical therapists for years. Pilates and Yoga strengthens your core, improves
    your flexibility, balance, and uniformly develops strength and coordination throughout the entire body. No matter
    what kind of athlete you are, your "game" will improve greatly.


Please be considerate of classes already in session when you arrive by waiting quietly in the lobby
areas until you are able to begin class.
Please turn off your cell phone/pager.
Please refrain from wearing strong perfume or any strongly scented products to class.
Notify your instructor before class of a ny serious health conditions (including high blood pressure,
heart disease, recent surgery, pregnancy, etc.) or injuries.
You must cancel your class enrollment within 8 hours of class time by calling the Studio at (919) 608-
8292 or emailing us at [email protected]  Failure to do so will result in a lost class.