Class Information

With so many different classes, how do I choose?

The nature of the techniques between mat and equipment makes it easy for them to compliment each other.  Each of our
classes is valuable to your health & fitness but may focus on different fitness goals.

The best way to begin is to think about our classes in 2 main categories:

Classes that use the Pilates Equipment
Group Equipment (including Jumpboard Pilates )
Express Equipment
Semi Private

Classes on the Mat (not using the equipment) included in our mat class package
Pilates Mat (including Pilates with Weights, Mat Pilates, and Pilates Fusion )
Ballet Bur n ®
HIP (hi intensity Pilates training , also uses some equipment)

One main difference in these categories is class price as Pilates Equipment Classes using reformers, towers and chairs are more expensive than a mat class based on:

    1) the number of clients we can see per class and the elevated level of safety each instructor must incorporate
    2) the comprehensive training that each instructor must complete to be Pilates Equipment certified (and therefore how they are
    3) the cost of the equipment itself
    4) the maintenance of the equipment.

Many studios, to this day, do not offer group classes and still offer mostly private client instruction on the equipment costing anywhere
from $60 to $100+ per lesson. Our goal has been to introduce Pilates equipment training to a wider audience and still keep the prices

That being said, it's up to you. What are you looking to accomplish with your training? We can help you decide what is best for your
budget and your goals. We offer the most challenging and fun classes that will help you understand more about Pilates  and most
importantly YOURSELF!

For our class descriptions, see below!
The power of utilizing the Pilates equipment lies in its ability to provide mechanical advantage. Imagine, if you will, putting a screw into a wall using just your
fingers. Now imagine putting that same screw into a wall using a screwdriver. This is mechanical advantage.

The assistance or resistance that the Pilates apparatus allows us to work the body in a range of motion and support that we otherwise could not effectively
or safely maintain. A Pilates workout utilizing all the equipments is the path that leads to amazing results.

Our Pilates Group Equipment classes include instruction on the reformers, towers and chairs with 4 to 6 students to a class to maintain personal guidance
and care. Clients are guided through a full range of abdominal, back, leg, shoulder and arm exercises using some or all of the equipment.

These classes offer a full body workout to lengthen and strengthen the body while enhancing flexibility and balance.
(Express Equipment is a 45 minute version of a group equipment class.)
Classes on the Pilates Equipment
What is Pilates Equipment?

The reformer is the most famous piece of Pilates equipment
    and it provides a low impact, resistance-based workout that's
    friendly to the joints. Students sit, kneel, stand or
    lie on the moving carriage.

The tower uses spring-based resistance to
    work the entire body and brings focus to stabilization of the core.

The wunda or EXO chair provides the perfect workout tool for balance,
    strength and coordination. Students press down on the steps
    with feet or arms, while sitting standing or lying on the chair.

Studio Hargett Mat Classes
Pilates Mat / Ballet Burn® / Fusion / HIP (hi intensity pilates)
S trengthen, Stretch & Challenge your endurance on the mat

L ow impact, w eight bearing (your own body!) based classes excellent
for total body health

S omething for every level with continuous room to grow and improve
What can I expect in a Pilates Mat Class?
and often using many popular props to assist and challenge even more. Props we love to use:  BOSU / Pilates Circle / Thera Bands / Yoga Straps & Blocks / Mini Fit Ball

Studio Hargett mat classes are for ALL LEVELS. Within our small group setting, our teachers can provide individualized attention to beginners as well as challenging
options to intermediate and advanced levels.

Balance training on the BOSU, resistance training with thera bands, stretching using yoga straps and work with Pilates circles is only part of what we do in these
classes.  We do a little bit of anything and everything in this class. The mat work is a series of floor exercises designed to use the body's power center or "core". This
challenging floor work is based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates and anyone looking to challenge their workout while learning more about how true core work should be
done, should be in our mat classes!

Ballet Burn®

Don’t let the word ballet mislead you, this is a sweat-filled, heart pumping 60 min class built on ballet movements set to current upbeat music that will make you want to
move!  Taught by a 13 year NC Ballet veteran, this class combines ballet technique & cardio  designed to lengthen and strengthen your body. No previous ballet
experience is needed, just a strong will to push through some intense calorie burning, fat busting tracks. This class also incorporates mat work that will focus on core
strength as well as glute sculpting. Standard gym footwear is needed for this class.
(55 minutes) Maximum class size:  20

Fusion (Pilates/Yoga)

This class is designed for those knowing they need to work on stress reduction and flexibility, but are still trying to fit in a workout. Soothe tired tense muscles in this
class and still build strength with a blend of pilates mat exercises & deep yoga stretch.  Our approach is always fresh, perhaps focusing on rotation or extension before
weaving in myofascial massage.  This class is perfect for all levels and is a must for anyone seeking the whole body training experience.
(55 minutes)  Maximum class size: 15

Pilates Mat and Pilates Mat w/ Weights

The All Level Pilates mat course begins with the basic concepts behind Pilates work and builds toward level 2 exercises. This course focuses on breathing, pelvis stability,
joint release, spinal imprinting, initiating and building abdominal strength, flexibility, spinal alignment, and elongating muscle groups to enable efficient movement. This
class is ideal for beginners or those who wish to review the Pilates Fundamentals to ensure accuracy and stability before moving toward the more advanced work.  Need
more muscular challenge?
Pilates Mat w/ Weights adds 3 lb hand weights to particular exercises to boost muscular endurance beyond the work of traditional mat!
(55 minutes) Maximum class size: 15

HIP (Hi Intensity Pilates)

One of our most popular new formats, HIP combines a faster paced blend of pilates mat and basic equipment strength work with boot camp style moves (think squats,
lunges & pushups!) to create an amazing all over workout.  Taught on the pilates towers, this class uses a hint of equipment for clients of all levels and experience!  We
consider this a part of our mat class options, and its an excellent way to get a "taste" of pilates equipment training!
(class length varies)  Maximum class size:  6
    Beginning Pilates Equipment: A complete introduction to the Pilates form, and preparation for group equipment classes. This series will familiarize you with the
    very basics of Pilates reformer, tower, and chair. For the injury-free client, this series is all you need to get started in a group equipment program. And, no worries,
    you'll get a workout in class too!
    ( 55 minutes) Maximum class size: 6

    Level 2 Pilates Equipment: This class will be for those Pilates warriors who have a strong Pilates foundation (Example: you know how to change your springs,
    adjust the equipment, be in neutral, perform short spine, can do a roll up on the mat and teaser on the box) and want a faster moving class with some new tough
    moves. This class is appropriate for those people who have taken at least 25 Pilates classes. Please ask an instructor if this class is for you before signing up.
    ( 55 minutes) Maximum class size: 6

    All Level or Mixed level Pilates Group Equipment: Classes are varied, and determined by the level of the students in attendance throughout the session.
    These classes offer a full body workout to lengthen and strengthen the body while enhancing flexibility and balance.
    ( 55 minutes) Maximum class size: 6

    Pilates Express Equipment: Get a full body workout during your lunch hour or right after work in under an hour. Pilates Express is our 45 minute Pilates
    Equipment class designed for maximum exercise efficiency. You'll be amazed at the depth we can achieve in this shorter format class. Many of our clients are
    choosing Pilates over the typical fast food unhealthy lunch and seeing the results!
    (45 minutes) Maximum class size: 6

    Private or Semi Private Pilates Equipment Training: If you are new to Pilates, recovering from injury, or have specific goals in mind, private Pilates training is
    the way to go. Private and Semi private training is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect Pilates performance.  All individual training is done by
    appointment and your trainer will program a workout specifically for you. We look at posture, body composition, lifestyle and general movement habits to build a
    customized program to produce optimum results.